"It is not technology that makes history, but the people who invented it."
Ferdinand Porsche

From a Simple Vision ...


Project Initiation

November 2020

End of 2020 we first sat together to discuss a crazy business idea of our initiator Ralf Schollenberger. We did not have a business case yet, nor a company name or a logo. But we had a vision: Give the world the upgrade car!


Company Founding
April 2021

By now we had a much clearer understanding of the steps required for making our vision reality, including a first business plan and roadmap for the next couple of years. With that, we founded the company which would help us to concentrate our efforts on our common goal.

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Series Development 

Market Launch


Patent Submission
July 2021

From the beginning we understood, that our vision could not become reality through existing technology alone. We needed to develop something better.
That is why we were proud to submit the patents for the e-REVOLT plug & play frame as well as the E-CAN-module, on which our solution is built.

Seed Funding

May 2022

Over the last 10 months, we progressed a lot -  conducting technological feasibility studies, refining the business model and acquiring the first partners. Equipped with these assets, we managed to secure our seed investment.


Currently, we are in the process of building our first prototype. This proof of concept will showcase the magnificent potential of the e-REVOLT solution.

To a Better Future

Power to Grid

Solar Integration

Digital Key (Sharing)

Tokenized Payments