True Sustainability can only be achieved with holistic approaches

Massive Potential for Decarbonization

Electric vehicles can help to reduce CO2 emissions. However, to make a difference, a relevant share of EVs in the car parc needs to be achieved. To reach this goal, retrofitting of existing fleets is probably the most powerful enabler.

Additionally retrofitting avoids a massive amount of production emissions, as only few components need to be produced compared to a whole new vehicle. 


Making Automotive Circular

The production of new road vehicles creates not only huge amounts of greenhouse gasses.
It also consumes a variety of finite resources, from rare minerals to forests being cleared to build mines. 

In contrast, we at e-REVOLT strongly support the Circular Economy. It aims at preserving resources by reusing products and materials, thus creating benefits for both society and the economy. 

Local Partners
Supporting Each Other

Our technology helps to connect people and businesses in their community. Ranging from existing local workshops to retrofit cars, to the e-REVOLT users who support each other with energy via vehicle-to-grid or even share vehicles among each other.


Creating Global Impact

Our solution e-REVOLT supports several of the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.