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  • I have a car of the type ... Can I get a conversion?
    To ensure that everything fits perfectly, the price is low enough and the quality and safety meet the highest standards, we have to optimize our conversion kit a bit for each car model. The first convertible model will be the Volkswagen Golf 7 (2012 - 2019). After that, we will quickly expand our product range to other models. Would you like us to develop a conversion solution for your car? No problem. Simply sign up for our non-binding waiting list and tell your friends and colleagues with the same car. The decision of the model sequence depends on several factors and the demand from the community is one of the most important aspects.
  • How much does a conversion cost?
    Our conversion will be available starting at € 12,000 - € 15,000. If you don't want to pay everything in one go, you are welcome to take advantage of our financing offer and pay off a few hundred euros each month. You will immediately save some of these cost through the lower running cost for your EV.
  • When can I get my car converted?
    We are currently in the development phase and are preparing everything for our market launch in 2025.
  • In which countries is e-REVOLT available?
    We will launch in Germany in 2025 and then expand our offering to other countries. As with the vehicle models, the same applies here: The more inquiries we receive from a country, the sooner we can offer our solution there.
  • Where can I find the nearest workshop for an e-REVOLT conversion?
    You can have the conversion carried out conveniently at any of our partner workshops in your vicinity. Before our market launch, we will publish a search function on our website so that you can easily find your nearest workshop.
  • Is such a converted car safe? Is it road legal?
    Yes and yes. Our conversion solution not only meets our high quality standards, but also all the safety requirements for putting a car on the European roads. And believe us, there are many. 😉 We make sure that your car receives official road approval and registration at the end of the conversion. The license plate will also be changed to an e-license plate. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of an EV, from tax benefits to finding a parking space.
  • What happens if something breaks or the car gets damaged? Will the insurance pay for it?
    In the event of an accident, the damage is settled by the car's insurance provider, as for any other vehicle. Damage to your own car is covered through any comprehensive insurance. In addition, every e-REVOLT vehicle comes with a 2-year warranty from Real Garant. That covers the new components as well as the entire vehicle. This means you don't have to worry about unexpected cost for the time being. Just like with a new vehicle.
  • How can I charge my e-REVOLT car?
    You can charge your converted car like any other electric vehicle using a Type 2/CCS plug. The connection is located under the fuel filler cap... sorry, the charging port cap. In other words, you can charge slowly overnight to protect the battery. When traveling, the fast charging capability guarantees that you are ready to continue your journey after a short coffee break. All e-REVOLT vehicles also come equipped with V2X charging capability so that you can use your car as a home storage unit. You can get the corrsponding wallbox from our partner eClever.
  • What are the performance data of my car after the conversion?
    The basic version of the battery will offer a range of approx. 250 km. A larger battery with more range will be available as an option. With regard to all other data such as engine performance, weight, etc., we are very close to the original specs of the vehicle. This means that after the conversion, your car will drive just as you are used to. Only electrically.
  • I own an automotive business, e.g. a workshop. Can I become an e-REVOLT partner?
    With pleasure. We already have a large network of future partner workshops. With their high-quality service, they are the local point of contact for our customers. We also welcome innovative cooperation partners who expand the range of services we can offer to our customers. If you would like to become part of our partner network, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
  • I would like to invest in the company. Is that possible?
    Yes, that is possible. You can find all the information you need on our investor page.
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