Sebastian has a broad set of responsibilities, ranging from company strategy and finance to go-to-market. Before committing full time to e-REVOLT, he was responsible for EV activities at Allianz Automotive. Additionally, he spent several years in top management consulting on  automotive and mobility.


Sebastian Hunold


Driving the vehicle development at e-REVOLT, Rolf greatly benefits from his 30 years of experience in the field of vehicle engineering.
He is a trained car mechanic as well as a mechanical engineer. Additionally, Rolf holds an MBA and served in several management positions of the industry.

Rolf Behling

Core Product, Vehicle


As digitization is a major aspect of our solution, we are proud to have Stefan as an expert on vehicle connectivity and digitization. He came to e-REVOLT after working  many years in R&D at major corporations like VW Group and Allianz. Among many other things, Stefan spent several years on EV projects in Silicon Valley and supported the Audi e-tron IT development

Stefan Sellschopp

Digital Solutions


Timo joined e-REVOLT in the summer of 2022 after receiving his Bachelor's degree in International Management. He has a focus on sustainability and already gained work experience in this field in different positions, for example at iPoint- systems.

Timo Walden

Special Projects

Advisory Board

Ralf Schollenberger

Business Innovation

Dr. Stefan Lohmöller

Legal, Management

Josef Finauer

Shared Mobility, Fleet

Jörg Walden

IT, Circular Economy

Business Innovation


On our journey we are accompanied by trusted partners,
who support us with their superb
expertise and hands-on attitude. 

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